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Not even the best of breed products or services will sell themselves.  Not even with the best Marketing plan.


In today’s competitive environment customers will not beat a path to your door.


When no one sells anything, a sad thing happens - nothing!


We will help you decide which are the most appropriate sales channels for your offering.  It may be direct sales, agents or distributors or e-commerce, or a combination of these.


Selection of sales people is critical.  Any sales professional worth their salt knows how to be interviewed.  Through our unique assessment techniques we can identify the real person beneath the sales veneer.


Our testing system is designed to evaluate whether the candidates for your sales job have the underlying personality to be effective in a consultative sales job.


We also measures the individual's knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages of the sales cycle and his or her motivational needs.


We can also assist in developing your current sales team by identifying developmental gaps and guiding them through an action plan.


For a no charge, no obligation discussion on your sales needs contact us.


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